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WRS’s bespoke service is specially tailored to meeting the modern needs of the people we support.

With over three-quarters of all UK workers not being trade union members, that places millions at serious risk if they have a problem work. Who can they turn to for professional employment advice, support and, most importantly, representation?

You can be sure that your employer will have access to specialist advice; putting you at a significant disadvantage if a problem emerges and you are left to your own devices.

With WRS you now can count upon highly experienced and professional representation at work, even if you haven’t been a union member up until now.

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WRS representatives are by far the most knowledgeable, experienced and effective workplace specialists available to meet your representation needs. With us you will know you are in the best hands when tackling any problem at work.


WRS will help untangle any issues or concerns you have at work, guide you on how best to proceed, and give you clear direction on any disciplinary or grievance process. We will help you navigate through any workplace difficulties.


WRS will provide you with all the assistance you need to win your case. Most importantly, we will prepare a clear and persuasive Written Statement for you in advance of any formal meeting – giving you the best possible prospect of success.


WRS will arrange for you to be accompanied at all formal meetings by a highly experienced union specialist – even if you have not previously been a union member. Your case will be represented in the most effective, compelling way.

Professional representation and support with problems at work

Why WRS?

If you are not already a union member, you may have assumed that, if you had a problem at work, you could be represented by a solicitor. But its not that simple.

Whilst a solicitor can certainly advise you on your legal rights, they have no right to accompany you at meetings with your employer.

In employment law, you only have a right to be accompanied to workplace meetings by either another work colleague or an accredited representative of a trade union.

So unless you are an existing union member, WRS is your very best (if not only) option for being effectively represented at important meetings concerning your job.

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